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You guys are amazing (and have a lot of patience with the newbie cruise girl to boot)! Thank you so much for the amazing details!

Despite our trip being light years away (that's how it feels anyways), our family is going next week for passports. I also filled out as much information as I could to get the Fun Pass documentation in order (hit a passport info roadblock). Also to stave off the almost annoying (even to myself) extreme excitement I hopped onto Carnival's gift portion of the website and sent a secret "Happy Easter" "occasion cake" order for both our room and my fathers family's room - from "Mr. E. Bunny"... notice the two meanings? Yep, I'm a dork. I figured it'd be a fun touch seeing we're boarding on Easter day.

I did finally get the chance to read the FAQ on the Carnival Camp and liked what I was reading. Now then I think the 6-8 year old activities sound perfect for my daughter.

As per the majority ruling, I think I might force myself to leave the laptop at home. It'll be painful, and yes.. I may go into withdrawals or shock, but I'm hoping that as the anxiety hits, I'll remember to stop, relax... take a deep breath... because I'll need it for that jog to the bar to order a top shelf margarita - that ought to help me forget my laptop woes. The things we must do to get along.

Since I can't seem to stop myself from typing up this welling excitement (sorry ya'll)... let me ask yet another question -

I also spent some time today looking through the shore excursions available. I had read something online about a "Sand Dollar Snokel Trip" but didn't see anything like that on Carnival's list. I also am itchin' to go parasailing again (that last time I did so was in Freeport when I was 18... I wonder if it'll be different now that 14 years have passed), but I didn't see any mention of that. Hmm. Is it possible that there are excursions not listed that are available on the boat? Or am I going to have to "wing it" and try and find these local vendors - cross my fingers and my toes and hope for the best?

Last but not least (yes, I'll give you guys a break), I did think the (non-Atlantis) $110 Dolphin experience looked like something DD might enjoy, but mostly I thought the Treasure Hunt on shore and in the water for the kids would be a blast - has anyone heard an opinion otherwise or to support that? And the kid in me is thinking real hard on that Segway tour... I can hear my credit card company going CHA CHING!! Doh!

Thanks again everyone! I will try not to post-stalk the crap out of you for the next ...umm.. 12 hours?

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