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It seems to me i read somewhere that cuise lines have the right to change their port based on weather. I would think that if one went during the hurricane season, they would have to know that there is a possibiity of being rerouted to another port... not for the benefit of the cuise line (ie. to make more money off of selling you more drinks) but for the safety of the passanger. I'm heading to the southern carribben in less then two weeks on a princess cruise. I haven't been notified of any changes but I am going to assume we won't be stopping in Granada as it was hit very hard with a hurricane. Am I upset? not at all. To me, it's still a week off from work in the beautiful carribbean with my wonderful husband. I don't fall in the trap of spending excessively on alcohol... water is free and the service is just as prompt. It goes back to the old saying..... some people just can't be pleased.