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Maureen, I have made several crossings on the QE2. Here are my thoughts on her. First, everyone should make at least one crossing on her as she is built especially for the crossing and it is an amazing experience to enjoy her power as she plows through some of the world's roughest waters at 30 knots. The North Altalntic can be an experience.

On one sailing we encountered 95 ft seas (even the QE2 slowed her pace for this event) She received a may-day call from a sailboat that had experienced 2 knock downs and put the call out. The QE2 came upon the sailboat at about 4 am and could not raise the captain on the radio so she blew her horm to get his attention. The captain of the sailboat woke up to see the QE2's bow towering over her and then refused rescue as the seas had subsided. While damaged, he did not want to abandoon his sailboat but was going to try to limp to a port to avoid it being salvaged.

I would always select a westbound crossing as you gain an hour a day during the sailing. On eastbound crossings you lose an hour a day and it adds up so that by the end of the cruise you just don't feel rested.

There are 5 formal nights in a row.....

Hope that helps