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There has been another stomach virus on a cruise ship. It was traced back to a passenger. I am not making this post as an announcement about that. I am just wondering about a few issues.

Here is a senario. I have been planning a long time for a cruise. I am really looking forward to it. I have been reading, and studying all the forums. A few days before or even that night I start to feel bad. It may be from too much drinking, a cold, overeating, etc. I don't know. I get up early in the morning and get to the airport. I am tired and maybe that is why I don't feel good. At the terminal I have to sign a paper that says I did not have diarrhea. Maybe I did or maybe I didn't.

My question is if I sign that I had diarrhea what happens? Do I get a full refund? What if I did not have insurance? What about my travel companion? What if I got up in the morning and cannot get off the pot. If I call the cruise line will they believe me and refund my money? I think most people will travel as planned and feel that they will get better (I know that none of us on this forum would ever do anything like that ). What happens if I sign that paper and do not tell the truth? How can they tell if I was or wasn't at that time? While on board if I get sick what does travel insurance cover?

We all know that people go to work every day being sick. They also send their kids to school sick because there is no other place for them if they don't go.

People get on planes being sick. On our last trip the girl next to me asked for a vomit bag as soon as she sat down. This did not make me feel very comfortable. Planes do not have the healthiest environments.