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Although I will not be on that sailing, I have sailed on the Radiance as a single mom, with teenagers in tow. Don't despair if you haven't connected with anyone pre-cruise. The first night I wandered around on my own, but by day 2 had found great new friends to spend time with. Don't limit yourself, however, to just other moms traveling solo. You will find you may have much in common with other couples also. Often you will find that, although they are traveling together, they have opposing interests. While one is in the casino, the other would much rather go to the show. There are many ways to meet these new cruise companions: Your tablemates make a good first contact; go to the exercise classes offered early on in the cruise; spend time in the jacuzzi (this spot has NEVER failed me); engage people in conversation wherever you go and participate in activities. My daughter and her friends (as do most teenagers) met people, knew their life stories within minutes of meeting and often turned out to be my best resource for meeting others with similar interests to my own. Encourage the boys to be your "friendship ambassadors" and you are bound to meet people that would love to share in the shipboard activities.

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