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Thanks for posting the list, Dave. As you know I have been following this as well. I think it was a reasonable compromise. I also think it could have been worded better. I always thought that steamers were on the list because of the wording they had years ago concerning items with heating elements. I guess they are being more specific in that regard. I've always taken one anyway without a problem in the checked luggage. I guess that was then and this is now.

My advice is if people have questionable items is to carry them on if possible. Anyway that is what I'm going to do when I find a 220V adapter to use for charging purposes.

They don't have inflatable kiddie pools on the list either. However someone asked if they could bring one once to use on Lido and the answer from Carnival was no.

I'm not an electrical engineer, yet I can see where plugging in multiple high watt appliances at the same time would cause a problem and safety concern. Heck, I can't even plug in more than 2 things on a power strip at the parent's old lakehouse without tripping a breaker.