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Avandrie, Welcome to Cruise Chat. Here is a link to another section on our Cruise-Chat forum. It may answer some of the questions of Camp Carnival for you.

Carnival should have assigned your booking to another Vacation Planner. If you need to make final payment or make any changes they will handle it. Carnival is going to E-documents. You will need your booking number and register on Carnival's website. It's called your FunPass. You won't have to worry about that now though. You can do it once you make final payment. You can also book shore excursions through Carnival's website. One thing you should know about pre-paying your gratuities with your cruise booking is that they can't be removed or adjusted once you are on board.

Wristbands would not work on cruises. The sail and sign card is the size of a credit card. Your picture is taken when your board the ship and is embedded in the card. When you enter or leave the ship you punch your card in a kiosk. This is how the ship tracks who is onboard and off. The card also will be your room key on the Carnival Pride. It is also used for any on board purchases. I've never had a problem carrying my sail and sign. If you don't have pockets, use a fanny pack, small purse, or in the gift shop you can buy a small water proof container to hold small items and it has a cord to wear around your neck.

You will see a wide variety of dress on formal nights. Some people like to go all out with tuxedos and long gowns (seeing that less & less). Some will wear nice cocktail dresses, men nice suits. Some will just wear nice dockers & shirts, or nice dresses. There's a wide variety. Children should be fine with something nice they would wear to church or a wedding.

The bartenders are quite savvy. If they haven't heard of a drink and you can tell them how to make it, then they will. As long as they have the ingredients. There is a menu of drinks. There will be a daily drink special also. They will push the Carnival drinks in souvenir glasses which cost more than just ordering the drink in a regular glass. If you don't want to pay extra for the souvenir glass just ask for the drink in a regular glass. Drink prices are comparable to what you would pay in a nice restaurant back home. They do add a 15%gratuity on all drinks including cokes.

The Pride has internet Wi-FI from Bow to Stern. You can pay .75 per minute or buy a package of minutes. The more minutes the cheaper. 100 minutes $55, 250 minutes $100. (this is on 6 day or longer cruises) There usually is an activation fee also of $3.95. Your cell phone carrier plan will apply and any roaming fees.

Here is a sample dinner menu.

It looks like I was typing while others were posting so some of my information may be a repeat. Welcome aboard!