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I am cruising on the Conquest this Sunday the 13th. I will be posting a review when I return. Have you gone to ? Also . Lots of reviews to read. Keep an open mind. You have reviews that feel it was the best and those that feel it was the worst. How many cruises have you been on? If this is your first you have nothing to compare with and will love it. If you have been on others you will have things to compare. Just remember you are on vacation...Have fun!! I told my grown kids who are also going on this cruise (first timers) that no matter how bad the weather or how bad the long as we're together!! As for a hotel if you are flying in the day before which I highly recommend hotels are expensive there if you wanmt a descent one. For a 4 star hotel they want $175.00 + I went to and named my price. Got the 4 star Omni Royal Hotel for $75.00. There rooms through Expedia are $249.00 per night. My son got the Hyatt Regency for $65.00 which normally is $259.00 through Expedia. My daughter is staying at a Super 8 outside of NO for $79.00. She booked through Expedia. Which would you prefer to stay at? I do not know how many people are traveling with you but we reserved a Limosine with Lincoln on Demand. They are picking us up in a stretch limo at the airport to the hotel. Then on Sunday they will pick us up at the hoytel and take us to the Terminal. The following week they will pick us up at the terminal and take us to the airport. WE will have the same driver all three times. The cost is $120.00 each trip and includes gratuity. This may seem lik a lot but there will be 10 of us. That is $12.00 per person including gratuity. The taxi's are $28.00 for 1 or 2 people and $12.00 for each additional. IT can only hold 3 or 4 people. That would work out to be $134.00. THis is a much nicer way to go. Someone posted that they had a limo for 4 and the cost was $40.00 plus gratuity through Extreme Elegance. All depends on the number of people. I will let you know how it worked out.