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Dave, Sandy and Rick-
Wow- thank you all for the quick and detailed responses- they have been very helpful!!

After talking it through with my husband yesterday, I think we are leaning toward the Carribean. I honestly think he would enjoy himself more in Alaska (he's never been much of a beach guy), but he says he will have the most fun anywhere the kids are happy. And one of you mentioned that you need winter coats... that brought back images of us freezing on deck on the last cruise (we went the first week of April- guess we got what we deserved!). But I think we would all enjoy being able to spend time outside (without long underwear!). As Rick said, Alaska will always be there!

One last question... can you make any suggestions for where to book? Do most people go through the cruise line or a travel agent or what about those last minute online places (i.e. vacationstogo)?

Thanks again for all of your assistance and ideas- I am SOOO glad I found this website!