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Ahoy mates
The best vacations for us since I ended
up in a wheel chair have been cruises.
If you have not tried it do not be afraid.
Everything is usually available for you and the freedom of sailing is wonderful. Pick a new ship, and check on their accessability. Review the
door width to the cabin and bath and try to be near the elevator. Ships are large self contained cities and are rather spread out. On most trips
you will find 10 to 20 people on the ship in
wheel chairs. We have tried both Princess and
Carnival and have found their newest ships are
very easy to get around. If you get a handi-cap
cabin you should have a roll in shower. The food
the companionship and the magnificent ocean air
make each day a true joy. Depending on your needs
and the docking facility at a given port you
may be able to take shore excursions. However,
they often are tough and some times you need to
use a tender or small boat to go ashore. We don't
usually leave the ship and still have a wonderful time. List any questions or share your travel
adventures in a wheel chair. Bon Voyage Bill from
New Jersey USA