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Hey HawkeyeTO,

The whole reason for the guarantee category is to keep the price lower for each category be it inside, outside or balcony. Booking guarantee means you are prepared to accept a cabin anywhere on the ship. Sometimes (let's be serious)and I have booked guarantee when I travel without my family (kids and parents), I will book guarantee. Sometimes I luck out and end up in a better location mid ship or higher up than I planned but sometimes not. I remember the time on Norwegian Jewel, I booked guarantee inside and ended up with the worse cabin on the ship. Bottom deck right at the front. As were were plunging through the rough waters of the Eastern Caribbean those November nights, I felt as though the sea would enter my cabin. That is when I said "no more guarantee". Now, of course, you will come across people on the posts that have booked guarantee and got a great cabin even being upgraded from inside to balcony but that is rare. What if you were that person and the other people for whom you booked a cabin ended up in my terrible cabin and you in the balcony. Might be some sour grapes in hand. If you want to guarantee a happy vacation for everyone, spend a few dollars more and choose your location. The travel agent can put the comments in the two reservations stating you would like to stay together, but really, when it comes to the assignment, guarantee is not a priority for the cruise line.