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We did the inspiration cruise out of new orlands last year. My thoughts regarding the shore excursions include that attempting to scuba dive in ports is near impossible and not recommended. The jamacia port was the worst. I would recommend going to one of the beach resort excursions instead of the party boats as the boats were tiny, the pirate boat looked silly and like a kids ride that was packed to capacity, and the town has little to offer as well. The beaches are beautiful. This is the only reason most people visit as the views and waters are great at the resorts. In grand cayman, the string ray experience is a must. I had no issue with going to the ship arranged excursion. It was a wonderful and well organized experience. In coz, I again recommend a snorkel and beach experience. If you are going to scuba dive be extremely careful in picking your boat. In one resort trip we were left by the boat when we surfaced in a dangerous dift dive. They were not following appropriate safety proceedures and we were left adrift for two hours until a fishing boat discovered us. No more diving for us in Mexico...never....We were drifting to sea and out of air and the cruise ship did not respond or seem to care when we complained about it. They still list this excursions of one their offerings. Back to coz excursions... It is too hot and when you have seen the items in one shop you have seen pretty much all offerings. Your cruise ship director is paid by merchants to recommend their products so you do not really have to stick to it and better bargining ability will often be found in the not recommended shops that carry the exact same items. The inspiration is a lower type cruise. Effort is made to make it seem like a more expensive cruise but falls short in food and ship activities. Overall it is worth the money you pay,,,,but you do get what you paid surroundings and offerings. The gym was not furnished appropriately for that many passagers and even getting an inexpensive treadmill at a morning time workout was next to impossible. The few aerobic classes were also a joke. The instructors were more interested in getting you to sign up for personal training on thier inadequate equipment at outrages prices. THe inspiration was full of nickel and diming you for every little thing worst than any other cruise ship i have been on. Hope this helps with the overall view.