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Originally posted by somans:
I booked on Emarald Princes on Nov. 28th. 2010 It is an Eastern Caribean, visitng Antigua, Barbados, St.Kits, St. Lucia, St. Thomas. Did anyone gone on this cruise or want to share their expereince. Also, like to know your favorite things to do on these ports. Thanks
Hi. I've been on the Emerald Princess for this exact cruise. It was a 5-star cruise all the way, so you're in for a real treat! You'll need to spend lots of time planning your excursions, and if you want to save money do your own research and make your own reservations with the reputable tour guides who are online. In Antigua we did the Paddles Kayacking excursion - it was good, not great but there's not much else to do in Antigua besides visit one of the 300+ beaches. We hiked in St. Lucia, shopped in St. Thomas (also took the ferry to St. Johns) and went to Meghan's Beach (slightly over-rated IMO), did a volcano hike on St. Kitts (driver's are nuts there) and also did an ocean kayak trip there on a previous cruise, and did the catamaran cruise on Barbados through Silver Moon. We're going back to 3 of those islands this winter.