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Originally posted by penny3333:

Buck Island snorkel is a very good snorkel,... Christainsted is about the only thing on the island of any size. The walking tour shouldn't be too long, but should give a good over view of the island's history. You should be able to get in both excursions without any problem.

Thanks penny3333 for your comments. The reasoning for my query (re Buck Island & Christainsted) is that there are two Buck Island departure times (8:15am & 11:45am). This may be more of a query for RCCL, but seeing that the Buck Island tour has to go through Christainsted, I am interested in leaving on the 8:15am departure to Christainsted, tour that town for a couple hours, then join up with the 11:45am group for the tour to Buck Island. This is assuming that space is available on both tour groups. I'm not sure if this scenario is possible or has been done before, but it would give me an excursion package I'd like to do. I have a query into RCCL on this. Have yet to hear back. Your comments to this are welcomed.

P.S. I hope to do the America Cup race in St.Maarten.