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On RCCL ships the arcades are really good. They almost have as many games as a Chuckie Cheese. But the games do not work on quarters. Every machine has a credit card swipe that you swipe your room pass in. When you enter the arcade there will be a machine that you take your room pass to. You place your seapass/room card into the machine. It will ask you how much you would like to place on your room card for video games. If, for instance, you put in $10, the machine gives you back your card and your ready to go. You go to a game that charges .75, swipe your card , the game will activate and show you that you have $9.25 left. This amount can be used at anytime in the cruise and you can also, obviously, add more at any time. There are no games that are .25. Most of the games are high tech games where you are holding a gun, riding on a motorcycle, flying in a cockpit, dancing on the dance floor, etc.etc.