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Originally posted by mommatee:
My fiancee and I are going on a cruise for our honeymoon. He has a really weak stomach and gets car sick/motion sick pretty easy. He will go to the Dr. to get the patch and/or medicine to take and I do know the boat is big and he probably won't feel it and everything, but we are getting a cabin with a balcony. Would it be worse for him to be looking out of the side or the very back of the ship? Thanks.

I have a great tip for you...from very personal experience...I was so sick for several days on the carnival triumph...the dramamine made me sleepy and spacey. My personal M.D gave me the scopoloamine patches (RX)...not only did I not feel any motion ,sickness, etc. I was never sleepy..and I didnt even feel the post cruise sway..i suffered terribly the first time. We had very rough seas this trip too! I sware by them!