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Hi marykay25, welcome to Cruise-Chat. We just returned from the Celebrity Solstice. The drink packages are not worth purchasing, very restrictive. My husband bought the alcohol package for $360 and I bought the frozen drink package for $154. My hubby ordered a martini at the martini bar and they charged him even though he had the sticker. They said it was because they use the large glasses at the martini bar. No one tells you that until after you order. Then he had a beer for lunch one day, that too was not covered, you had to purchase a beer package. Again, they didn't tell us that when we purchased the packages. My advice, is to just purchase them as you go, it is a LOT less expensive that way.

The tours we took through the ship were great, especially the Tiki Hut snorkel in St. Maarten. I usually won't book a snorkel trip in St. Maarten because the snorkeling isn't that good. However, the Tiki Hut was well worth the price. Great snorkeling, fantastic operators, good equipment, good facilities. The biggest plus was you could stay as long as you wanted. Then they'd take you to town or back to the ship free of charge.

We booked our excursions on-line before we sailed. The tickets were waiting in our cabin when we boarded. It was nice to have everything paid for before we left. Of course, we spent extra on board, but the majority was covered.

Hope you have a great cruise!