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Originally posted by teendad:
I am traveling with two 18 y.o. boys. (Don't ask why i would want to do this.) I am looking for advice on a couple shore excursions:

1. Ketchikan ziplines -- one is the rainforest zipline, one is the bear creek zipline. I can't tell from the description which would be more exciting/interesting/challenging for the boys.

2. Juneau glacier hiking -- there is a 2 hour hike which I am concerned is not exciting enough and a 3 hour tour which may be too long. (short attention span with boys you know) Also, the 3 hour tour looks booked up. (Do cancellations happen?) Mom is looking for something tame for herself.

3. Misty Fjords -- there is a boat trip and a trip that is boat up and a flight back. Is the extra expense of the flight necessary and worth it?

Hi Teendad and welcome to cruisechat. I have not been on either zipline, but have seen the rainforest zipline. It did not look very interesting to me. I think a lot of it was over open ground, very littler thru the trees. Not sure about the other one.

The Mt Roberts Tram in Juneau is a nice ride. plenty of hiking on top.
good luck with you choices, and hope you have a great cruise.
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