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I have never carried my own luggage off the ship, but our first trip we flew home from Acapulco (on Princess lines) and our luggage took alternate routes. We did get them, and they had been gone through and we found that someone's idea of a joke was to switch the colored tags and destinations for the bags. All 3 went different places, but eventually came home. Only one thing missing, not of great value. The other times sailed round trip from the U.S., and had no probs. We are taking a Sept 04 cruise ending in Honolulu, and WILL be taking our bags off as we have plans after the cruise.

Good info. Jill

Originally posted by Tom Ogg:
I always make it a point to carry my luggage off the ship personally. The entire color bag tag debarkation process is about the luggage, not the passengers. If you carry your luggage off yourself, you can leave when you want. I just debarked the Millennium in Barcelona a couple of days ago in the very first group and was at my hotel by 8:45 am. Getting off early means no wait for a taxi and no crowds in the baggage claim area.

Further you never lose control of your stuff, which is a huge benefit. I would always pack a carry-on with enhough stuff to get you through the first 24 hours in addition to anything valuable you do not want to check with the porters when embarking the ship.

In this way, you can start enjoying the cruise immediately without having to wait for your luggage to be delivered to your cabin. Board, have a great lunch and then hit the Jacuzzi with no worry.

Have a great cruise!