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I was recently on the Carnival Legend. We sailed out of New York on Aug 11, 2004 and returned Aug 19, 2004. We left the harbor 2 hours late due to a problem with the ship's propulsion system. It was not rectified and we had to cut our speed in half due to working off one engine. We were only 3 hrs out of New York. The Captain & corporate headquarters let us know the next morning we would not be going to San Juan, St Thomas or Tortola. We would be docking in Bermuda for 3 days in order to repair the engine of the ship. The company credited our sail & sign card with $150 a person. They gave the impression they were giving us something but in reality they simply returned our port fees that had been paid by us when we paid for our trip. We left Bermuda on Mon at noon and headed for New York we arrived outside the New York area Wed in the wee hours of the morning and for that entire day we made a big circle in the Atlantic Ocean because we could not dock until the next morning. No restitution is being offered by the company and the passengers, over 2,000 of them, signed a petition and are looking to start a class action suit.

Now for the good part of this review...The ship is beautiful. I found the food to good. But the most impressive is the dedicated waiters & waitresses in the Truffles Dining Room. They made our dinners the highlight of the day. We looked forward to being entertained by them each night. Our ship stewards were excellent. Our rooms were beautiful, we had a balcony room that was not only large but the view was worth every penny when we came into port. If you have children traveling with you from what I saw Camp Carnival is a lot of fun. I hope you have a wonderful time. I will not be traveling on this Cruise line again unless they come up with a free trip to take the place of my ruined vacation this time.