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As most of you know, on September 1 RCI changed the perks for diamond members, with their no longer being allowed in the concierge lounges unless they were in a suite. Instead, RCI set up a continental breakfast for them at another location, and had a staff member on hand to act like a concierge.

After 6 weeks, feedback has shown the continental breakfast to be a flop (not surprised). What the diamond members said was they really missed the complimentary specialty coffees and really wanted the coffees with a full breakfast.

So, effective November 1 RCI will drop the continental breakfast. Instead they will cordon off a section of the main dining room for diamond and diamond plus members only. They will be offered the complete breakfast menu plus complimentary specialty coffees. The "concierge lite" will be stationed in this area to assist with reservations, tickets, etc.

Feedback does work. This change is an improvement.