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High Bobby, if you can possibly go and get a passport, I would highly recommend that. I was on Carnival Legend last April, our passports had expried and I did not get them renewed before I left, (first time traveling without passports) I had to bring all "original" birth certificates for me, husband, and kids, also, they "Carnival" had told me to bring my "original" marrige certificate being that all my documents where issued in my married name, and it did not match my birth cert. I did bring all originals and everyone was looked at, and it took so much longer when checking in. I would certainly call Carnival so that you have no problem when you get to the ship. Needless to say, when I got back from that cruise, I went and renewed our passports and getting on this past cruise was a "piece of cake". But please do make sure you call Carnival directly, not your TA, they will tell you what documents they will accept. I hope this feedback was helpful. If I can help with any other questions, I will be more than happy to. Good luck and have a wonderful cruise. Sue
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