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Tony, as for Grand Cayman, we had no advance notice, they just held us off-shore, not much fun. Security with the kids was simple, no problems at all. As far as the kids club, yes there were little ones under 2, the younger group gets an extra crew member to help with the younger ones. Have a great time!
Originally posted by Tony:
Glad to hear you had a great trip. - snow..I hadnt thought that you would have to miss a port. Were you informed in advance, or did they just hold off shore or move on. We are bringing a pretty active 19 mth old on the Sun on Feb. 19. We have Chubalub? park also set for the day with shops at end. Good to see its nice. The cruise line said kids under 8 could not do the tubing, looks fun but our guys to small. Many excursions in Belize they also axed on us but will check with locals. Was it hard to get threw security or board with the kids. Also did you see any little guys at kids club under 2?