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Many of our readers have tried our suggestion on tipping with great results

Our Tipping Suggestion:
We like to give the suggested tip for the week, to our cabin attendant, waiter and assistant waiter and Maitre`de, the first
evening of our cruise. Tipping at the end of the week is like locking the barn door after the horse has run away. We make out [3x5] envelopes with a note that reads.... This is a down payment on your services, Thank you, Tom & Mary Milano. On our
[24] cruises we have never had service that was poor enough to warrant us tipping less than the suggested amount. By tipping the suggested amount on the first night, you let your servers know that you are appreciative of good service and they can
expect an additional stipend at the end of the cruise. [At the end of the cruise we usually give an additional $20 to the waiter, $10 to the assistant and $10 or $20 to the cabin attendant]. Giving an extra forty dollars for the week is a small price to pay to ensure the very best from your servers. Take our word for it. It does make a difference.

Tom & Mar

Tom & Mary
(The Honeymooners)
Tom & Mary
(The Honeymooners)