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Hey Gail,
Never ran into you. Glad that you all had a great time. Me on the other hand still very mad. I think that they made a fortune on their choice of ports. And 6 days at sea buying their drinks and spending money in their spa, shops,etc.
I truely think that they knew way before that we were to have a change and think we should have been given a choice to take the trip or another. I do realize that there was a hurricane but we should have had the option. I have learned my lesson regarding taking cruises in the season... Never again for me.
Bermuda wasn't somewhere I would have ever wanted to go. Belize and Cozumel were what I paid for.
Labadee was ok, but then again it was their private island and we again spending our money somewhere we didn't chose to go.
Nassau was fine, been there before wouldn't and didn't want to go again.
I can only say that the Grandeur staff was great. They made it better because they are so nice and accommodating.

I think I'll stay with the all-inclusive from now on. It seems in the long run a much better deal and at Sandals you are given a free vacation if a hurricane causes you to change your plans even if it is on the last day of your vacation.