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A few more things I'll mention. The large piece of art sculpture in the lobby/atrium has been replaced with a bar featuring a grand piano. The neon lights going around each deck as you look up from the lobby, well they used to change colors. They have now changed them to a more subdued constant blue.

I was really wanting to check out the new WaterWorks, but it was pouring rain so we instead toured the new spa. It looked so new and upgraded. The lady leading our tour took us through the ladies side and we almost had an Oops! moment. I guess she should have knocked before leading a group through there with 4 males in it.

The bars and lounges have all been upgraded and refurbed. The giant Whiskas cat food can is no longer at the entrance to the Cats Lounge. There is still a giant Salmon can type thing, but again much more subdued than before. Then I guess a giant Whiskas can would clash with the new Promenade Roman type decor.

I had lunch in the Main Dining Room..It was beyond my expectations. Carnival's commitment to food quality and presentation has never been more evident. Of course they did have a head's up that some travel industry folks were coming and it was a private function. I also walked through the Lido Buffet, what a spread they had going in there as well. The people that say they had to eat hamburgers and hotdogs every day must not be looking in the right place is all I can figure.

Sorry my camera was messing up, but they kept detouring us inside to outside and back, hence the condensation lens issue I guess. I'll post a link to the few shots I could get.

Oh, I almost forgot. Someone had mentioned in another cruise line section (I think it was Royal) that they should have people walking through the Purser/Info Desk line to answer common questions. On Embarkation day Carnival has implemented having Staff stationed on each deck to answer questions.

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