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I on the other hand have the opposite problem. We booked 5 cabins on the Conquest for Feb 13. 2 rooms were to be connecting rooms. Well first of all they put one group in an inside cabin instead of the oceanview they had paid for then said they had no more ocean views. This was booked 9 months ago. Finally they got them changed but not till after the TA went round and round with them. Now we discover that the 2 rooms that were to be connecting rooms are not. This creats a problem as the reason for the adjoining rooms was one room would have older children (teens) who could babysit the younger child in the adjoining room. This would allow the child to sleep in his bed or watch his tv while the older ones were in their room watching their tv. Now the only choice is to put them in one room which means the parents have to go get the child and take him to their cabin late at night. We have addressed rhis to the TA but she just dances around the problem. Possibly she forgot to address this request when she booked out cruise. The only thing I can think of to do is ask the adoining cabin if they would consider changing rooms. It would be the same floor but other side of the ship. Does anyone have a better suggestion?