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Hi Avandrie, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Congratulations on your up-coming cruise! Questions 1 and 2 can be answered in our FAQ section. One of our board members did a fantastic write up on Camp Carnival. Our children are grown, and gone, so can't help you much there except to tell you that the children always have fun. I wouldn't worry about leaving my child with them at all. The kids have a ball and get to meet others their own age. Everything that I've read and heard has stated that they are pretty strict on their age groups.

Question #3, you can purchase internet packages, the more minutes the less per minute. I believe the rates are between $.50 and $.75 depending on the package.

Question #4, check with your carrier, you might be charged roaming fees.

Question #5, drinks are comparable to a bar. Mixed drinks $4up, Beer $2up, Wine $6up, Sodas $1.75+tip (approximately for all of these). Call liquor is higher than bar liquor. They have drinks of the day specials and they have plenty of specialty drinks (menus too). Save money by not purchasing the drink of the day in a souvineer glass, just get it in a regular glass. They also have bucket-o-beer, 5 for the price of 4, that you get in a bucket with ice. You can purchase a bottle of wine at dinner and they will re-cork it and serve what you don't drink the following evening. Don't forget to add your tips to the final bill, it's either $10 or $11/pp per day. Believe me, they're worth every cent.

Question #6, I put my card in my pocket, my purse or in my waterproof pouch that hangs around my neck.

Question #7, In the dining room shorts and t-shirts are not allowed at dinner. Yes, the children will be expected to wear nice clothes to dinner. There is a dress code FAQ in our FAQ section. The formal standards are nothing like they used to be, just dress as if you were going to a very nice restaurant and you will be fine. The other nights besides formal nights, just a nice pair of dress slacks and a nice shirt, again, they don't want shorts and t-shirts in the dining room, although some do wear them. Capris, sun dresses, dress slacks, nice tops, just like a nice restaurant. Buffet area, shorts and t-shirts are fine.

Question #8, haven't a clue, but I'll bet one of our Carnival experts will know.

Be sure to try the chocolate melting cake-yummo! Hope y'all have a fantastic cruise! I'm sure others will give you better answers, but I took a stab at it