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I would not recommend that you use anyone else other than those associated with Royal Caribbean. I was on the Explorer of the Seas for 10 days Eastern Caribbean Island. Your kids will have a great time as they will find friends quickly as the teen-agers get together in packs. Two Australian 18 year olds decided that they would try to find cheaper excusions...bad idea...they got in a car about a block from the ship (Royal Caribbean has security by the boat and will lure away those not associated or licensed withe the ship so that passengers are safe..they take that very serriously and have an Excursions Director named Sara Michelle constantly on their T.V reminding you not to go with anyone not associated with the cruise line) obviously these kids did not listen. They got into a vehicle with someone that asked they did they want to tour the island for $20.00....the cruise line had it for $32.00...a $12.00 difference....well this driver took the two boys into an alleyway stopped the car and took all the money they had in their wallets....the kids were to embarrased to tell everyone how much that "thief" took from them. This situation could have been alot worse as they could have been hurt or worst...I don't even want to think about it. A lesson that was definately learned by them and they have stayed close to their parents since then.

I do not recommend AT ALL to go outside of the cruise line for excursions. The islands have been hit by the economy as well...people are hurting for money and will go to great lengths to get it....Tourists are it for them....easy target..please don't compromise your safety for a couple of dollars....the excursions are not the same....I have seen the difference with the unlicensed is what we call "ghetto" and very scarry as these people are not looking for you to have a great time...they are just trying to get your money however they can get it.....
I am not saying that all islands are like that...they are exceptions.....why take a chance...I would never put my safety in danger..I hope you would not either....It scared the crap out of these kids....Unfortunately they knew who to do it with.....they were not street smart.....