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Gee Ken, you really sound hostile. I find it hard to believe that someone sailing on Princess could turn so much against them. I also received the mailing, and it very clearly states offer only for those who it was addressed to. There have to be some perks for past customers. My main question is, why did you transfer from Princess to a travel agent? I have personally gotten in on some tremendous Princess offers, while I've lost out on others. When checking this out, I found out that if you're last payment was made, and then the offer came in, more likely than not, you wouldn't be able to get it. I think it extremely unfair to categorize past Princess customers in your category, as the vast majority that have sailed it, find it very difficult to sail anything else. We sailed the Sun Princess in Alaska last year, and I had to call up 3 weeks before, and had a marvelous gentleman asking me to hold while he checked something. That was the best 5 minutes on hold ever. He came back to say that there was a special offer for the particular area where we lived, and would be rebating $950 of our cruise fare. A check was waiting at the travel agent when we got home. We're contemplating an Orient cruise on Star Princess next year, and weighing group rates vs. past customer rates. Group rates rae available now, and depending on how the cruise fills, past customer generally are shorter term discounts. Who cares about a merger? WE DO!!! Princess is tops in our book, can't say the same about Carnival, where we've had numerous problems on.
Good luck with Norwegian, as they have problems also. Go in and read some of the reviews on their cruises.