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Sorry I did not see this before
Well like Dave beers said San Juan is not a beach kind of town ussually the ony places are the hotels you can still go but is a little far from port.
There are a few good options to go:

o El morro a Spanish fort and also is not expensive place beautiful, rich in history.

o Also there is “La Fortaleza” our gubernator house and is not far from el Morro.

o Capilla del Cristo: a Christian chapel open on Tuesday only

o San Juan Cathedral: here is “Juan Ponce de Leon” the one of the pirates of the Caribbean he died looking for the fountain of youth.

o Fort of San Cristobal: a huge Spanish fortress part of el morro.

• The Bacardi rum company is not a bad tour, but is to far from the port, even from the hotel.

• If you have the time, and want to try Puerto Rican food, there is one restaurant, the second best in old San Juan; the “Parrot Club” prices are more or less $28 for person depending on what you order, is in the “Fortaleza street” walking distance from Sheraton and also from the port.

• “Café Puerto Rico” is also a restaurant but less expensive and more Puerto Rican is in old San Juan in the “plaza colon in old San Juan”

• Most people in the island don’t speak English but they can understand it so have a little patience.

You can visit the El Yunque Caribbean National forest in Rio Grande is the only rain forest on the island(maybe next year 7 wonder of the world), also a beautiful place you can see our national parrot and well most people even tell stories about OVNIS and things, I don’t really know much about OVNIS but the tourist guide should know a few… If you want a beautiful place or natural adventures, el Yunque is the place, also they have a few cultural shopping opportunities near by.
• Here is some info of el yunque :