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This will be our first cruise, and I am excited, but still very unsure what to expect.
I am cruising with my husband and a pair of friends.
My husband is an alcoholic, however 3 years sober.
At home we make a point to avoid locations with temptation such as bars and pool halls etc.
He has been to parties where there is drinking has done ok, but has mentined at home that it was difficult.

I have heard that some ships offer AA meetings.
Does anyone know anything about this?

Also, hubby and I have talked about the sail and sign card, and he knows there is certain ways of restraining the card so you only have a certain amount to spend each day. I am not 100% on how this works, any info would be great.

He knows it is hard, and wants to work to make it easier for himself. We also know it is going to be rough being in a location where there is a lot of drinking. Just want to make the best of it.

Any suggestions would be helpful

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