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Originally posted by gary albert:
i pay up front for tips ok . but i still tip the maid lady. and the waiter , is this right? . or i dont have to tip them ? how to they know if you payed up front for tipping?

Hello Gary, My daughter works on a cruise ship as a dancer. She usually does not get tips but knows how it works. The "tip" that is part of your folio ($7/day) gets split in a predetermined format. You can and I did once tip extra through the purser and the people you direct it to will know that you gave it. HOWEVER, sometimes the purser messes up. The waiters and anyone who treated you well much prefer cash the day you leave. you know they got it, they know they got and you get the thank you and the smile. Cash is King. What ship are you on? My daughter dances on the Liberty out of FFL.