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This is a paragraph about costa Maya from our Enchantment review. It is a great port.

Costa Maya Could Become the Gem of the Western Caribbean:

We were amazed at what the business people of costa Maya have accomplished in building such a magnificent dockside complex. If you arenít interested in going into town or booking an
excursion and instead enjoy swimming in a luxurious pool, you must visit Costa Maya. The dockside complex consists of a perimeter of very attractive stores and an amphitheater on three sides, surrounding one of the most beautiful pools we have seen. The pool is a free form design and it is immense. It is the same depth of 4ft6 for the entire pool. The servers are dressed in very colorful attire and come pool side to serve you drinks. The amphitheater is just a short distance from the pool. You can watch the shows and take a dip during intermissions. They have continuosí shows from mid morning until mid afternoon. They
performed a number of Mexican folk dances with many costume changes. Each of the shows was very professional and the costumes were beautiful. We really enjoyed the shows. We took another swim before we had lunch in a restaurant near the
pool. Next to the pool was a large indoor-outdoor restaurant with a beautiful thatched roof. During lunch we were serenaded by a male vocalist who sang some of the great old ballads. He had a real good voice and we found the lunch to be delightful. The open-ended side of the pool faces the ocean. They also have a salt water pool that you can join in a continuous Volley Ball game. Within fifteen feet of the pool is a beach area with thatched huts shading the lounge chairs underneath.

We have often used the beautiful and extensive pool at the Jamaica Grande, in Jamaica. It is our opinion it pales in comparison to the Costa Maya complex. Costa Maya is without a doubt our new favorite port in the Western Caribbean.

Regards, Tom & Mary

Tom & Mary
(The Honeymooners)
Tom & Mary
(The Honeymooners)