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Am really laughing (guess I am a cruel ole Air Force guy) at the stories. We never had experiences quite as bad as some described. But, in Bologna, a gypsy lady (and yes, she had a fake baby) tried to pick my pocket in the busy downtown section in the middle of the day. There were thousands of people around, but not one darn cop. She first put her hand in one of my pockets (it was empty except for a map) and I started hitting her arm with my Tote umbrella. She than started for my other pocket (this one had my wallet) and I kept hitting her with the Tote thinking somebody would arrest me! As her hand entered my other pocket (some guys might get a thrill from this experience) I got angry and slammed her very hard right in the middle of her chest. I than grabbed her hand and started to twist until she finally let out a small scream and walked away. Not one of those thousands of folks around us did anything but smile and there were a few laughs. By the way, she did get my map. My wife just stood there with a total look of disbelief. Thinking of Dave's story it occurs to me that us ex Air Force guys still can out maneuver those Navy guys