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I can't speak from first hand experience on either ship yet. However, I have had several dozen of clients sail each and I get reviews back after each clients sailing and I read them along with the review trends for the various ships in the industry. I can tell you that with few exceptions these ships have recieved the highest of praise, especially from families with children. There are some who hate lage ships and they should certainly stay away from these ships. I recall one regular here who calls them the "Blight of the Seas Class". There is, in my opinion no better class of ship for a family. So much to do and so varried. The adults have entertainment options and venues geared toward them, the kids do as well and many hoices that are appealing to the whole family. Like the ices shows, the best entertainment on the seas! The Promenade with the parade is another highlight. There will be times when it will be evident that there are a lot of people and crowds may be a challenge, like the parade night. Disembarkation is a lot more of a challenge for the cruiseline to pull of seamlessly with this many guests. Most of the issues that come up at such peak times are related to people who refuse to follow instructions. If you wait for the announcement for when you're supposed to head down and everyone else did the same there would be no issues. Those who want to bend the rules because they booked their flight too close to the time of the ships return, who want off now regardless for whatever reason can make it a problem for everyone. Get around a few such clowns and you'll write a poor review too. But it shouldn't be directed at the cruiseline but at the people who created the situation that stopped the smooth flow.

Cheers, Neil