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oil prices are ramping up agin.its at $58.00 per barrel. it getting close to that magical $70.00 per barrel..I heard that if it hits $70.00 6 weeks before your cruise you will be charged the $9.00 per day per person fuel surcharge. If you are closer than 6 weeks,no charge.Is that true?
I've not heard of any such clause with a specific time frame for the price to go above $70. I highly doubt they will re-instate the fuel supplement just because it hits the mark for a short while on the NYMEX. The language just says they reserve the right to.

I couldn't find anything about the "six weeks" clause you mention on their website; It just said that they reserve the right to re-instate the fuel surcharge of $9.00 pp per day etc. etc.
I couldn't find anything either.