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Hi Kraftymom,

You do not say when you are cruising. Is it soon? Be it this winter or is it spring.? Do you get snow (bad weather) in Oregon? If there is the possibility of bad weather, you should definitely make sure you have good trip delay insurance. Also, with the state of affairs surrounding plain old flying anywhere these days, when you are flying same day to arrive at any port, it makes real sense to buy the insurance if you are not flying in a day early. I myself just booked Independence of the Seas for Jan 31 and I am flying in two days early plus I have trip cancellation / flight delay insurance. I love insurance. I used it on my way home to Canada from Fort Lauderdale just last month after the security scare and because we were stuck at Fort Lauderdale Airport for more than four hours, our flight delay insurance kicked in and the whole family was happy because we got an extra night in Fort Lauderdale courtesy of the trip delay insurance.