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Hi, I went on the Western Caribbean Cruise with Carnival last December and had a wonderful time. This was our second cruise and I had decided to book excursions on our own. First stop was Grand Cayman, we went to Sting Ray City. We booked with they were just wonderful. I really cant say enough about them, we got on the boat with maybe 25 other people. Compared to the boat excursions with 100 people we were doing pretty good. We booked the first tour of the day which worked out well b/c we still had time to shop afterwards. I believe the tour was $35 pp and it included a snorkle tour. We also bought an underwater video of us with the sting rays and man that was worth the $45 we paid for it.

Second stop was Cozumel and we booked a jeep excursion on our own with
I cant say enough nice things about this tour. Awesome just doesnt describe it well enough. It was a bumpy ride but we had a wonderful time. We went snorkling on a secluded beach and had one of the best meals I have ever had. The tour guides were great, they were girls from america and they really made our day a memorable one.

Third stop was Jaimaca. This was the only port that I didnt feel 100% safe going to. When we went there were some scary things happening there. It was the only time we booked an excursion with the boat, we decided to go on the Dunns River Falls Tour and were so happy we did. It was the most beautiful place. We made the mistake of going shopping afterwards in town and boy we regretted it.

Just a side note, we heard that the horse back riding was horrible in Jaimaca but very good in Mexico. Friends of ours on the boat just asked one of the crew members were they going and all ended up at one of the hotels with a pool and had a nice relaxing day.

You picked a great itinerary and hope this wasnt too long. Have a wonderful time.