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Hi weejack20, welcome back. Sorry to hear you didn't have a good time. Port fees are government fees and charged in every port of call for every passenger on every ship. You really don't have to have a drink, there are plenty of free beverages on board, not alcoholic, but free. The pictures do not have to be purchased. The customs/duty limits are imposed by the country you are embarking/debarking from, not the cruise line.

Let's see, the things the ship has control over. Food, Service, Cleanliness of the ship, you rated those 100%. Did you get safely to your ports of call? Did you enjoy your cabin? Did you enjoy your food? Did you research your ports of call before you left? Many ports we've visited, we've walked or taken the city bus to the attraction we wish to visit.

I agree with electech, too. If you do your homework, a cruise can be one of the least expensive vacations you take. I do hope if you go on another one, you'll do some research before you leave. This board is a great place to find information. Best wishes!