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I went to the desk because of a problem and just for a joke I said that I have a complaint. I said that I booked a inside cabin and was "upgraded' to a suite (a cabin that I was in) and was not happy because I wanted a inside cabin. You can't imagine the look I got from the rep and the rush of the passengers in line that were chomping at the bit to trade rooms.
I can imagine the look you got. First of all, they don't normally upgrade assigned cabins without prior notification and guest consent. The most common instance would usually be if you had a Category Guarantee booking (that you chose) as possibly being upgraded and something became available at the last minute.

Secondly, I highly doubt they thought the joke was very funny. Cabin assignments are made by the shore based operations prior to Embarkation day. The Crew works extremely long hours on the ships. On Embarkation day they are very busy helping guests with legitimate needs.