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This is posted at the portofgalveston website:

September 17, 2008

The Port of Galveston ís Board of Trustees of the Galveston Wharves and Port staff sincerely hope that the passengers and their families had a great cruise. The Port understands that the passengers, crew and other cruise ship workers are concerned about their vehicles that may have been parked at the Portís parking lots or other parking locations on Galveston Island during Hurricane Ike.

To the best of our knowledge the parking lots could have had over 7 feet of salt water in them, which would have placed most engines underwater. Many vehicles floated around in the parking lots. Therefore, most of the vehicles will probably not be in drivable condition.

At this time, only emergency personnel and work crews are allowed on Galveston Island , because most of the Island , including the Portís property, does not have utilities. In spite of not having utilities on the Island, Port personnel, who are off the Island , are able to receive telephone calls and e-mails through offsite connections.

You are respectfully, requested to e-mail or call (888) 838-7678 with the following information:

Phone Number(s):
e-mail Address(es):
Vehicle model, color and license tag:

The Port is not responsible for any damage that may have occurred to your vehicle while parked in the Portís parking lots. A vehicle owner should contact his/her insurance carrier to report a damage claim. Claims adjusters may e-mail or call the Portís 888 telephone number if they are on the Island and need to see a vehicle.

Port Management