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Well after cooling their heels in Acapulco, receiving little information from the cruise line, my parents were finally informed that they would be flown to San Diego and put up in a hotel until their original flight home.

No problem, except the flight was so delayed it was unable (for some reason) to land in San Diego and instead they were sent to LAX. Again, hours of waiting in airports and hotels while my parents tried to find someone who could give them answers...unfortunately Air Canada is unwilling or unable to just fly them home from LA...they were origionlly told they would be flown back to San Diego; now apparently they are being bussed.

They have had about 3 hours sleep in 3 days and are not happy!!! They and the the couple travelling with them have decided to hire a limo on their own to take them to San Diego.

This has truly been the trip from hell for them, beginning with their travelling companion catching a stomach bug the second day on the ship and being confined to her cabin for 72 hours and going downhill from there.

Apparently the communications from the cruise line surrounding the engine problems and the intinerary changes has been abysmal. These are four experienced, wealthy travellers who are vowing never to cruise Celebrity again!