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mgades, I'd keep an eye on flight costs. There are a number of internet sites that do a search for lowest fares for you in minutes. I use one called ther's also one called and probable dozens of others. They search the airline rates and some of the discount sites for you and pull up all the pricing, lowest to highest. If you're finding rate competitive with the cruise line rates, search again a little closer to your sailing date. I'm normally able to cut the cruiseline rate by somewhere between 30% and 50% in most cases. Same with hotels, you'll wnat to do it with another search instead of with the flight or it will price you a hotel for the entire time between your flight dates. The cruiselines are simply a middle man on these items. They make money, they pay me and others in the industry commissions and you pay for that and the cruiseline rep who meets you in the lobby and more. If it truns out the rate you have through the cruiseline really is a good price don't go to the trouble of changing your reservation. Then you'd have to also work on ground transportation, air, hotel, etc. I find it worth the time for the savings. If no savings let them do all that for you.

Cheers, Neil