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"Doing business" in the forums is usually considered taboo... I'm fairly easy to find for a direct call or email, however.

In general terms, you're looking at about $250 for a half day, and a hair over $350 for a full day if you book "per person" and between $800 and $1700 for a "whole boat" or private charter.
Most boats have a 3, 4, or 5 person minimum to run... With just 2 of you, you can:
- bring two friends to make a 4-some,
- get lucky and find a boat with others already booked to share with,
- book the ship's tour, or
- pay a lot to guarantee the trip or have a private charter.

The ship's tour is almost always cheapest, but you only get 3-Osh hours to fish. Most of the good private tours offer 5+ hours on the water for a half-day charter.

Hope this helps some. Feel free to contact me (or the charter of your choice!) if any other specific questions come up.

Happy Alaska Travels!
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