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Hello. So, we have to get a visa for our Vietnam trip. I have heard stories about people having hassles getting into a country, with a short visa, for under a month. I have heard the reason for this, is because if something happens while your in their country, and you can't leave within a month, due to accident/illness, or whatever, then you are covered with a longer 6 month or so visa. Does anyone have any info, stories to share about this. My visa options include Sams Passports recommended by TrvlPro, Zierer visa service (my friend used them for China), AAA (assuming they do visas), and a little Vietnamese travel agent a Vietnamese doctor at my work recommended to me. This is where he goes for his visas back to Vietnam. The travel books I have read, state that they do not issue visas at the airport/point of entry. Any advice, info, stories??? Thanks, Lil' Lori

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