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I have a question that I think fits in this topic..
RCCL is offering this WOW "package" (NOT sure if you would consider it a package though). Its usually offered for 2 days only..It's this wednesday and Thursday. Discounted (1/2 off) deposits per person, Room credits, and possibally other items.

Would anyone recommend me doing this WOW item OR waiting untill our cruise next month to make reservation for next cruise?

I (we) LOVE using our TA and trust her completely. We are very good clients (booked many "travels" through her).
Another factor is that we are currently paying towards out next trip July next year (through TA)Not a cruise..

My deposit for cruise (2012) would be $250 for 2 people (WOW "package")..I could use that $$$ towards trip in July next year.

Should I not do WOW and wait till next month to possibally make reservation for 2012 cruise? Is it a better "deal" to book cruise while on cruise?

Thanks for your help

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