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Grand Cayman is our favorite port, we have also stayed on the island for a week when you tender over and get off at the port there will be sidewalks with all the downtown shops. Across the street from the Harley Davidson street (just a little further down) is a little grass hut some outdoor lockers and a small cafe. This is a great place to snorkel . We take our own equipment, but you can rent for about 6 dollars and then rent a locker to keep your things in . The same locals have been running this for the seven years we have been going , we just wear our swimsuit off the ship with cover up and water shoes. there are some steps to get right in the ocean the amount and variety you will see is great. Plus you do not have to get crowded onto a boat with a lot of strangers, go at your own pace. We have seen several large stingrays, which satisfied my desire for that, I have never desired to go there even with all the rave reviews. We have seen sea turtles before on 7 mile beach and also found some pretty shells, however we were not there during cruise ship days. :You will see several large baracuddas can be scary but they are tame just don't snorkel with jewelry on that they might mistake for small fish. The public bus system is safe and cheap Rum Point is quiet and pretty more like a lagoon than a beach because of the location The people are friendly and the island has a very low crime rate. Hell is definetly overrated, and the turtle farm is not how I would choose to spend the one day in port. In Ocho Rios Dunn River Falls is great to see once take you own water shoes I would not want to rent . Because of back and knee problems we did not climb the falls instead climbed the stairs the go beside them . We do not get off the ship in Ochos Rios anymore it is not safe. Drugs are rampant.