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Hi Everyone,

I read on one of the posts that it's approximately 30 Euros by taxi to travel from BCN to the cruise port. Does that price include the costs of suitcases (I think it's 1 Euro per suitcase).

I am asking since I am traveling in a group of 5 and am aware we will take 2 taxis, so it will be 30-35 Euro each taxi?

Am wondering since I called NCL and they have transfers from BCN to the port, but it will cost $40 per person, which for me is steep.

I found a place that would charge for 5 people $116 (using a minivan) from the airport to the cruise port, was just wondering if that's a reasonable price.

I'm not sure about how expensive Barcelona is and don't want to be overcharged for a ride to the cruise port.

One last thing, how far is BCN from the Port Vell terminal? 15 km?