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Hi GordonOKC and LesleyW and cclaar, what a fantastic itinerary and a beautiful ship. I hope you all enjoy Princess as much as we do. They're our favorite line, so far. Sorry to hear of your loss, GordonOKC. Happy birthday to you and LesleyW, it's a great way to celebrate. cclaar, I don't believe the pools are heated, at least they've never felt that way to me. I do frequent the hot tubs though. The pools on Princess ships are fresh water, which is nice. Depending on the ages of your children, they probably won't notice the water being a little chilly. It may be a little cool the first 2 days leaving California. GordonOKC, if you have a chance on Oahu, visit the punch bowl while you're at the Arizona, too. The big island is probably the best for the volcano. Maui and Kauai have some beautiful scenery for a helicopter ride. Magnificent waterfalls, lush forests. The big island isn't too shabby either. Hanauma Bay on Oahu is a great place for snorkeling. Best wishes to all for a fantastic cruise! Do try f-mattox's suggestion and use the "Find" feature for lots of ideas!